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Coach Pete's Team motto: "To be good, work hard, and to be great sacrifice".

" Consistency Brings Results "

Coach Pete’s School of Basketball Miami, Florida ​

Dear Friend of the Community,


On behalf of Coach Pete’s School of Basketball, I would like to extend an invitation to you and your company to become a sponsor for our season. Coach Pete’s School of Basketball is a community-based youth basketball program, located within various inner-city segments of Miami Dade County. Established in 2011, the program is dedicated to infusing young men and women with education, discipline, and leadership skills taught through the game of basketball. The core values and fundamentals of the sport resonate throughout all interactions with the players and set the foundation needed to develop sound minds, body, and character at a pivotal point in the players’ lives. ​

Coach Pete’s School of Basketball’s missions are to: ​

- Impact lives through a year-round basketball program. ​

- Teach the fundamentals of the game to develop elite skilled players with a focus on leadership and sportsmanship traits. ​

- Provide organized competition in a positive and safe environment. ​

- Instill the value and importance of education, persistence, discipline, and dedication to all endeavors inside and outside the court. ​

Coach Pete’s School of Basketball is managed by Coach Pete, Head Coach. The program provides a complete basketball program, inclusive of individual and group skills training, local team competition, and travel team competition. The program currently has 9 coaches and various competitive teams ranging from ages 6 to 18. The administrative aspects of the program are supported by parents who volunteer their time because they see firsthand the impact Coach Pete’s School of Basketball has had. ​

We are looking for sponsors who are willing to donate any dollar amount to assist in covering our major expenses such as court rentals, officials, equipment, insurance, trophies, and travel costs. I invite you to visit our website,, for more information on our program. You and/or your company will be placed on our website, which is viewed by hundreds of participants. ​

Coach Pete’s School of Basketball looks forward to building a strong partnership with your company that will enable us to fulfill the hopes and dreams of our youth. ​

Thank you in advance for your consideration and support of Coach Pete’s School of Basketball. ​

Sincerely, ​

Coach Pete
Head Coach
(786) 973-0592 ​

Website: ​

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