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CPSB Training Center
Monday - Friday : 3:00pm - 9:00pm
Weekend: 9:00am - 9:00pm

Learn what it takes to become a completely skilled basketball player with Coach Pete and his School of Basketball Training Program.

“CPSB’s” training program offers individual/private, and/or team group training. It gives you the opportunity to tune up and better your skills by working more in-depth in the areas you and the Coach assigned to you feel is needed the most. “CPSB” also provides agility training to all players. Agility training will improve your games strength, speed and quickness.

Individual/Private Training

Players will work individually with Coach Pete or one of his trained staff members, to strengthen your games week areas.

They will work with you one on one to increase your strength by using repetitive drills.

$35 per session / hour (Minimum 4 sessions)

Group Training

The group training consist of a group with 2 or more players, but no more than 5 player at a time, who are all on the same skill level. These players will also be working on improving their strength and weakness, but in a group setting.

This will make the individuals in the group feel challenged, and at the same time, teach them how each piece of the team can work together creating overall better game results.

$20 per player / hour (Minimum 5 players)

Team Training

This part of the program is available for any teams that are not part of the Coach Pete’s School of Basketball Program, and would like training for those players that need to prepare their upcoming school or travel basketball season.

We will develop a condition/workout plan that focuses on the 5 main positions of a basketball team.

$15 per player / hour (Minimum 7 players)

-Local Teams
-Travel Teams

-Individual/Private Training
-Group Training
-Team Training

Basketball games are played indoors in various gyms throughout Miami-Dade & Broward County. Some games may take place in other cities, states, or countries. Coach Pete - International TBA

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